Great ideas are key to success and we’ve had them. In our 22 years our idea creation has been stellar and included:

  • Digital Video-based Patient Education [on a Mac 512K]
  • Online Health Education [ preceeded WebMD]
  • Healthy Living Guides like the ADHDLivingGuide [before apps made this standard]
  • Health Website Guides [in Yahoo’s era before Google]
  • Web-based Grant Submission [with an interface like NIH Assist]
  • Quality CME Live Talks [now called webinars]
  • Online Interactive Health Professional Education and Training
  • Consumer Games for Health Promotion [using Kinect motion control technology]

CTI has been an idea factory and delivered solutions based on those ideas. But our impact has been stymied by many factors, mostly a lack of a focus on converting ideas into innovations that target the needs of customer jobs to be done.

2017 changes all that. We’ll keep generating ideas but the emphasis will be innovative products that address customer needs and exceed expectations.